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unilevel2Unilever is inviting young people to come up with practical and innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest sustainability challenges and enter them in the Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards.

Open to anyone aged 30 or under, Unilever is looking for scalable and sustainable products, services or applications that reduce environmental impacts, improve health and well-being or enhance livelihoods through changes in practices or behaviours.

The Awards, run in partnership with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), and in collaboration with Ashoka, offer seven young people a total of more than €200,000 in financial support and individually tailored mentoring.

The overall winner also receives the prestigious HRH The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize.

All seven finalists take part in an online development programme and then participate in a two-day accelerator workshop at Cambridge University, UK, where expert help and professional guidance is provided to help them develop their ideas.

Innovations must have grown beyond the conceptual stage—with the product, process or enterprise already gaining traction among local communities or other markets. Entries must change behaviour to enable sustainable living.

Entries cannot be accepted from current Unilever employees, nor can entries promote Unilever or its products.

Applications must be submitted in English. (The online programme, accelerator event and the pitch will all be delivered in English—proficiency in written and oral English is required.)

Solutions must relate to one or more of the categories listed below:

1. Improving Health & Well-Being

– water, sanitation and hygiene

– nutrition

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Individuals in the developing world can be healthier—and communities more productive—if they have access to clean water and better sanitation. We are seeking entrepreneurs with initiatives that address how to improve hygiene practices in any country, or offer an innovation to improve access to sanitation in remote areas.


Calling all young entrepreneurs with innovations in products with improved taste and nutritional quality that can form part of a healthy, balanced diet, or with initiatives that help people to adopt—and stick to—healthier diets and lifestyles.

2. Reducing Environmental Impact

– water scarcity

– greenhouse gases

– waste

– sustainable agriculture

Water Scarcity

Looking for solutions that conserve or reduce the amount of water used across 20 communities, from water use during the extraction or cultivation of raw materials, through manufacturing processes. Or perhaps you have an idea to help people better manage access to water and adopt tools and behaviours which help them use less in the home or at work?

Greenhouse Gases

Entries in this category provide solutions for society to reduce carbon footprints through innovation, new product development, cost efficiencies, or by adopting less carbon-intensive ways of living and working.


Are there entrepreneurs out there with ingenious initiatives that help to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste throughout the pre-production, production, and consumption lifecycle? Initiatives to reduce packaging should demonstrate significant cost benefits in materials, energy, and transport.

Sustainable Agriculture

Looking for entrepreneurs who can demonstrate innovation that not only protects the planet’s natural resources, but also offers a long-term approach that can create value for farmers, and ensure security of supply for the long-term. Entries also ensure deforestation, land use, and social and community issues are managed responsibly.

3. Enhancing Livelihoods

– smallholder farmers

– opportunities for women

– micro enterprise

Smallholder Farmers

Entries in this category help smallholder farmers improve their practices, right across the supply chain, or help give them access to education, community support materials and tools. It may even be an initiative focused on encouraging and supporting younger people into agriculture.

Opportunities for Women

– Seeking initiatives that help to tackle the discrimination and disadvantages millions of women face around the world. You might be working to help provide access to skills and training for women, and creating opportunities for women to actively, safely and fairly participate in the economy.


Micro-enterprises contribute significantly to economic growth, social stability and equity and are important ways through which those on low-incomes can escape poverty. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are working to improve skills, createbusiness opportunities and provide access to markets to help people develop and grow small scale enterprises that benefit them and the communities they operate in.

Applications must be submitted online through the Ashoka Changemakers website between 23 June and 1 August 2014.

Seven finalistswill be announced during the week of 27th October 2014. All finalists will be required to join online sessions beginning in November 2014 to develop their ideas and build their networks. Attendance is also required at the Accelerator Workshop in Cambridge, UK, and the awards dinner that same month, during which the HRH The Prince of Wales Prize will be awarded.

Six finalists will receive cash prizes of €10,000, along with support and mentorship (worth €10,000).

One winner will receive €50,000 cash prize and will be awarded the HRH The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize at a prestigious dinner event in London in January 2015 and €25,000 worth of support and mentoring.

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